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DiGiorno Flatbread Melt Campaign

On May 18, DiGiorno pizza hired 15 pedicabs and drivers to participate in an innovative and successful ad campaign.

The drivers, sporting DiGiorno logos on their t-shirts, hats and their pedicabs, circled around the loop and offered free rides to a free lunch — a sampling of DiGiorno's new product, the Flatbread Melt. The campaign created a lively, friendly street atmosphere, centered around DiGiornos Pizza.

The campaign took advantage of one way Chicago Rickshaw can help marketers reach out to customers on a one-to-one basis. Along with 40 square feet of brandable space per unit, each one of Chicago Rickshaw's pedicabs comes with a friendly, experienced and safe driver that can be hired to deliver branding messages directly to consumers. By advertising with Chicago Rickshaw pedicab drivers, marketers can turn simple branding into an interactive experience.

Advertising with Chicago Rickshaw is green marketing, cleaner and better for the environment than taxi, bus or any other type of mobile advertising.

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Chicago Rickshaw DiGiorno campaign CChicago Rickshaw DiGiorno campaignn

Chicago Rickshaw DiGiorno campaign CChicago Rickshaw DiGiorno campaignn


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